Wow! Didn’t August just go by in a flash? I’ve been so busy both in and out of work, I’ve hardly had any time to properly shop around for new products to try. The ones I have tried (or been gifted) however, have been great and I wanted to share these gems with you in today’s Septebmer favourites post. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush, John… View Post

I’m the first to admit that I would be lost without my mobile. My entire life is on my iPhone and I get withdrawal symptoms if I’m not scrolling through Twitter or Instagram. I don’t like being THAT person, you know the one who needs to check that message as soon as you hear the ping or gets super happy when you have to go… View Post

Those who know me know how much I love being a bear – ok not an ACTUAL bear but the hibernating part. Nothing gives me more pleasure than hiding away from the world, in my bed, binge watching a good series. It can be hard to know who to sign up to let alone knowing what to watch. There are a hell of a lot… View Post

Seasonal change is inevitable. I am totally ready to wave goodbye to summer and welcome in autumn. But with change comes the dreaded seasonal slump. Darker nights and colder weather basically means hibernating under a duvet with pizza, chocolate and Netflix. (I tend to do this on a regular basis and not just when the seasons change, but that’s just me). The cooler days and… View Post

We all try to live life without any regrets however sometimes that’s not possible. When we look back on certain situations with hindsight, we often wish that we had done things differently or had the knowledge that we have now. I have to admit that recently, I have caught myself saying (more times than I care to admit) that I wish what I knew now,… View Post