I’ve seen a lot of good things about the Pixi range and wanted to get in on the action as I have a *slight* obsession with all things skincare. So when I was feeling all sad and alone on my business trip to Tel Aviv a few weeks ago, I put in an order on Cult Beauty so that my pretty package would be ready… View Post

Have you ever noticed how peaceful, tranquil and calm the early hours are? You wake up, go out for an early morning stroll and it feels like it’s only you and the sunrise in this big wide world. Those early morning hours truly feel magical and are a great time to actually get things done. The early morning hours are known as ‘the golden hours’… View Post

I’ve been saving to get my own place for a good few years now. I am a long way from my target and am not entirely sure I will ever be able to afford a decent property on the outskirts of London but dammit, I’m sure gonna try! I currently live at home with my parents; I used to live out with my ex but… View Post

Hello folks and welcome to the tenth installment of my Lets Talk About series. In case you missed the last one, let me give you a quick overview. I love reading blog posts about real-life events, opinions that differ to mine or people sharing their little secrets. Once every month, I will have different stories, opinions, comments, real-life experiences and secrets (hopefully!) showcased on my blog. These will… View Post

Wow! Didn’t August just go by in a flash? I’ve been so busy both in and out of work, I’ve hardly had any time to properly shop around for new products to try. The ones I have tried (or been gifted) however, have been great and I wanted to share these gems with you in today’s Septebmer favourites post. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush, John… View Post