Going to uni at the age of 24 made me a ‘mature’ student. Bitch please! There were people A LOT older than me on my course – they were old… Being older and a little wiser about the world really helped make my experience great. Don’t get me wrong, I learned a hella lot along the way and some of the experiences have shaped in… View Post

I was never creative of artistic growing up. The best thing I can draw is a really good stick person. Or the square house with the windows and the winding path and the sun and the clouds. Bearing this in mind, I took my first beginners modern calligraphy workshop for the first time on Tuesday hosted by Tea and Crafting. They offer an array of… View Post

Although this post is a little late in joining the adult colouring book party, I’m glad to announce that I am still very much loving this trend. It’s surprising how much the simple task of colouring in can affect stress levels, mood and overall feeling of well being. I bought the Millie Marrotta Tropical Wonderland colouring book for myself last year and although I don’t get… View Post

Often I get mistaken for being either super miserable, shy or that I simply have nothing to say. This couldn’t be further from the truth; I am in fact, an introvert. I’ve grown up rather quiet. I only spoke when I was spoken to and I was massively awkward in social situations. As I got older, things didn’t change but I did find that I could… View Post

I have a *slight* obsession with beauty products, in particular, skincare. Ever since Sali Hughes opened the beauty door for me, I’ve been shopping like crazy, picking up items that promise smoother, brighter, tighter skin. July has actually been a pretty good month on the beauty front. I’ve bought some awesome lip products, found the ultimate cleanser and branched out into new brands (which is… View Post