I was kindly gifted a TOAD Diaries personalised 2017 planner* at the Blogger Tiki Party. For those of you that don’t know, TOAD (TodayOrAnyDay) offers customers the freedom to choose diaries, journals, personal organisers, and related book-type products that suit their preferences or way of life. To achieve this, customers are given complete control of the look and feel of their specific item. This includes, size, binding,… View Post

I’m fairly new to cleansers and didn’t really know much about them. In fact, I didn’t even know such products existed until I was enlightened and shown the way by Sali Hughes. Could there really be a product out there that I could just slap on and wash away the grime, dirt and makeup of the day? I used to use Simple face wipes before… View Post

Recently, I’ve felt that the blogging world has become quite a negative space. I know that there is a big effort by some to spread the love and positivity but I am just not feeling it. At times, I’ve been left feeling really rubbish and wanting to pack blogging in all together and at other times, I feel that I am not good enough. Should… View Post

I only started using liquid foundation last year. I used to use the Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation which matched my skin down to a T and it also kept the shine at bay however it didn’t offer the full coverage I wanted. I heard good things about the Charlotte Tilbury range and took the plunge and bought the Magic Foundation and haven’t looked back since.… View Post

How many faces do you have? By this, I mean how many different versions of your self do you show the world? The mum? The dad? The daughter? The colleague? The friend? I could go on. I certainly have many versions of myself out there in the big wide world but the question that really bugs me is, despite all these different personas we have,… View Post