Hello folks! It’s a little late but it’s finally here! I wanted to host a giveaway to celebrate hitting 200 Bloglovin followers but also, my little blog has been going for one whole year now! I originally launched this blog in February 2015 but only started properly writing in June 2015 so technically, my blog is one year and three months now. YAY! This is… View Post

Hello folks and welcome to the eighth installment of my #letstalkabout series. In case you missed the last one, let me give you a quick overview. I love reading blog posts about real-life events, opinions that differ to mine or people sharing their little secrets. Once every month, I will have different stories, opinions, comments, real-life experiences and secrets (hopefully!) showcased on my blog. These will either be… View Post

Dear D, I’ve been wanting to say this to you for a long time and so I’m finally going to say it: I think you’ve been a really rubbish friend and I’m really really hurt but the way you’ve behaved. But the funny thing is, you probably have no clue that you’ve done anything wrong. When we met at university, I didn’t think we would… View Post

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and have really enjoyed it. I’ve developed my tech skills, met some amazing people and have had some great opportunities come my way however it’s not been all sunshine and rainbows. Like with any venture, I’ve faced my fair share of problems and will probably continue to do so until I stop blogging (which hopefully won’t be anytime… View Post

How many of you have felt overwhelmed, stressed out or felt that you haven’t got enough hours in the day to get chores and tasks done? I hear ya. With the growing pressure, fuelled by social media, to be seen to be having a good time on night out, have the perfect home, look on point at all times and to own the latest new… View Post