Struggles that only a glasses wearer will know

glasses-sali-hughes-watch-iphone-6s-rose-gold-large-girlI’ve worn glasses since the age of six – yes, poor me. I’m pretty much blind without them. Although I do wear contact lenses occasionally, I find it a faff and think glasses are just more comfortable and practical. Over the years, I’ve experienced it all – I’ve had the awful giant, magnifying 90s specs as a kid, the ugly thick lenses in my teens and then the rectangular, more cooler frames in my twenties. I now have quite a trendy (gosh I sound old) pair of glasses – nice black plastic frames, slightly oversized and wafer thin lenses so no one really knows how poor my eye sight is.

Although I do love my specs, they do get in the way of life sometimes. Here are the struggles that only a glasses wearer will know

Glasses must be removed when you go for a haircut which pretty much leaves you in the hands of the hairdresser. I’ve done this many times and luckily, the end result has been great (apart from one time but let’s not talk about that)

If you don’t have a brolly, you’re screwed. Heck, even if you do have a brolly your glasses will still somehow get wet!

3D films
I’ve sat through many a film with two pairs of glasses on

People thinking your glasses are an accessory
‘I love your glasses, where did you get them from? and ‘Do you actually need them to see??’ hack me right off. Yes of course I need them to see. I haven’t just jumped on the geek chic bandwagon you know

Romantic dilemmas
Kissing is hard with glasses. They get in the way and they get extremely smudgy. I’ve had to take them off mid-kiss and then put them back on after. So cool

The assumptions
No, I’m not really good at maths or science just because I wear glasses. No, I do not work in IT

The cost
Prescription changes are pricey and annoying especially if you want to keep the frames but need to change the lens. Your favourite pair will be gone for over a week and you will be left with your spare pair – something that is probably so old, you won’t be able to see out of them

The steam
Winter isn’t a glasses wearers’ friend. Why? Because when you come out of the cold, into the warm, the glasses tend to steam up which renders you blind for a while. Hot beverages also cause said steaming which sucks

Makeup woes
Putting on eye makeup is pretty difficult because you don’t really see the end result until the glasses are back on and then you see all the flaws. Also, the amalgamation of foundation at the bridge of your nose and glasses is pretty grim

The inadvertent insults
Them: ‘Can I try on your glasses?’
Me: ‘No’
Them: ‘Go on!’
Me: *sigh* ‘Alright then’ (hands over glasses)
Them: WOW! You’re so blind!’
Me: *snatches back glasses and mutters under breath*


What are your bugbears of being a glasses wearer? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

  • HYSTERICAL! Because I have experienced every single one of these! And I’ve only been wearing mine for three years now ;) Thankfully, I only really use mine for distance, and can still read if I don’t have them on – and things close by are okay. But don’t expect me to drive without them, or see who is waving at me on the other side of the road – those results are disastrous!
    It’s raining here at the moment, and I have just been out….you know my dilemma ;)

  • Loved this post, I been wearing glasses since my early teens. I must admit I do prefer wearing my contacts than my glasses especially for work and driving but when I get in its contacts out glasses on haha great post hun xxx


    • msmistry42

      Thank you so much!

  • Cat

    AMEN. These points are so, so true. My glasses drive me crazy sometimes but I do also love them (after all, without them the world would be blurry…and contact lenses really *are* a faff!)

    • msmistry42

      I completely agree! I do wear lenses time to time but much prefer glasses. I feel that it adds to the look and I kinda look weird without them!

  • Hahah! I can relate to some of these. Only had glasses for a few years and use them for concentrating, toher than that my eye sight is actually quite good. Although I sometimes leave my glasses on after reading/writing and forget then get blinded by the kettle steam.
    Just bathed the dog and had to take them off mid way because she covered them in water haha.

    Jenna von

  • Oh yes! All of these. My boyfriend wears glasses too, and when he comes in the house with them on they steam up. Without fail he says “it’s very foggy in here.” Just one of his kinda lame, but also quite cute jokes! I hate the foundation issue with glasses. Yucky. Also trying to lie down on the sofa and watch tv with glasses on can be so uncomfortable until you find that one position that works! The struggle is real :( xo

    • msmistry42

      YES! Lying down to watch anything is a pain because it can never be done comfortably!

  • Hi I just found your blog and its great! This post had me laughing so much as I can relate so much! The 3D glasses are a pain when wearing them over your own glasses I’ve stuck tape on both the arms to keep them from slipping haha :D

    • msmistry42

      Thank you Dawn! That’s really kind of you. I’ve always found that the 3D glasses fit quite well over my own glasses but it’s such a pain to be wearing two pairs!!